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Hi, my name is Chris Walker and I started a company called Web Ranking Vietnam. Our slogan is get to the first page fast. We train marketing professionals how to do SEO in-house to save cost using white hat strategies. We wrote a book called SEO in four simple steps. This website consists of excerpts from the book as you can see in the table of content below. We talk about simple SEO best practices in this page. So read our book, watch our videos to learn more about our recommended search engine optimization strategy. If you would like, we will do an audit of your website for free. Contact us for more information.
Book Table of Contents
Book Excerpt: Preface
Search Engine Optimization
Doing business in the digital age requires a website. More important is having a website that people visit. What is the point of having a beautifully designed website using the latest coding technology if no one visits it? How do people visit your website? You meet them face to face and give them your website address. They see your website address in a traditional advertisement like TV ad, magazine article or billboard. Or, thanks to search engines like Google, they can find you by searching on the web. This how-to booklet explains four steps you need to do so people can find you on the web using Google search.

There are many ways for people to find your web pages. We should always keep in mind the big picture. Traditional advertising is essential to promoting your web pages. Daily Internet advertising like posting on Facebook is a fast way to connect with people and get them to visit your web pages. You can always pay Google, Bing, Facebook, or LinkedIn to advertise your web pages and generate visits. In this booklet, I explain how to benefit from Web-search; how to generate sales leads via search engine results. Set up your web pages to be search engine optimized one time and let Google do the rest while you sleep. Web-search is one way to advertise online and requires a basic understanding of SEO. Once it is done right you can focus on other online advertising channels.
Video: Simple SEO Best Practices
In this video I would like to suggest the most important simple SEO best practices.

Write relevant and interesting content; relevant to the keyword for the page. Let’s say google has identified the keyword for the page as honey crisps apples. Someone searches for honey crisp apples; Google puts your page in the search results, searcher clicks and lands on your page. They expect to read about honey crisp apples. That is what they are searching for. Moreover the content should be interesting so that they stay on your site to learn more and eventually contact you and buy from you.

If you have any questions then contact us. You can also learn more SEO information in simple SEO best practices PDF file of Google.
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